You Can Never Be Too Careful

I could see the lights in the Grimley Hotel. I wasn’t sure how many survivors were there, but I wondered if the zombies were attracted to running generators like moths to a flame.

In the morning, after stretching to relieve the stiffness that comes from sleeping on a church pew, I noticed a few people limping near the Eden Museum. At first I thought that I was seeing zombies, but they seemed to move too quickly and were helping each other. I still had two first-aid kits, so I went out.

I waved to them, holding up my FAKs to let them know I was coming to help. They seemed grateful. It turned out that they had bite marks on their legs. jackt099 had one near his ankle, while Vicktor26 had his injury above his knee. I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard that zombies could still be just as dangerous even when they lose the bottom-half of their bodies. If anything, they’re more dangerous because they can crawl in tall grass or under cars without you aware of them until they grab you.

It’s is why you always have to be aware of your surroundings, something I forgot as I was applying first-aid to Vicktor and jack. I didn’t hear the zombie approach, and neither did the others. Suddenly I felt a hard blow and a shooting pain in my left arm, and when I turned, I was shocked that it was almost on top of me. It was wearing a scratched monocle, a blood-flecked grey top hat, a tie, a NecroTech jacket, and a fur coat. For something that looked so absurd, I was surprised no one else saw or heard it approaching.

I pushed it away with my good arm, as I didn’t want it to claw at me again. I quickly looked around to try to get an idea of how much danger I was in and saw another zombie approaching from a block away. I pulled out my knife, plunging it into this gentleman-zombie’s shoulder. Even as I did, I didn’t think it would be effective, so I ran back to St. Aloysius’ Church.

“There’s a zombie outside the Eden Museum, and another about a block away, on Newbury St. I used my FAKs on the survivors there, but they still need help!” Everyone either went outside or went to their observation posts, leaving me to walk to my pew.

All my life, I never had a broken bone or suffered any major physical injuries. I know I wasn’t bit, but I wasn’t used to the pain in my arm. It wasn’t excruciating, but it was distracting. There was always the risk of a normal bacterial infection, too. I was glad that Doctor R S was around even if I’ve never felt completely comfortable around him. He tended to my wounds as best he could, telling me they were minor and I had nothing to worry about. The aspirin did help with the pain.

It was hours later when the radio warned that a large group of zombies was nearby:

10 Zeds five blocks south of Nevill

Flinn G came back from a scouting run to inform us that he had spotted some zombies at St. Agatho’s Church. “I don’t know what they’re gonna do, or if there are more coming.” No one had any idea, but it sounded like there were going to be a lot of zombies in the area soon.

I was lucky to survive today. I was so focused on trying to make a difference, on helping, that I didn’t notice death was approaching. I can’t make those kinds of mistakes and expect to be helpful. You can never be too careful, and it frustrated me to know better. I was glad that the gentleman zombie didn’t bring a lot of friends with him, or I would have been torn apart. I’m not sure what happened to Viktor or jack. They hopefully found shelter elsewhere.

I searched for materials to put together some FAKs until I was exhausted. I couldn’t find anything, but I needed rest.


~ by GBGames on September 18, 2009.

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