Delaying My Trip to the Hospital

That morning, I prepared to make a trip to the local hospital. Urban General Hospital is east of the church, and it shouldn’t be too hard to get to it. I could gather supplies and see if there is anything I could do while I was there.

StaceFace was new to the area and was asking for help as I got my equipment together. People were being mostly quiet otherwise, but I froze when I heard a loud groan. It was very close by. I wasn’t sure if anyone else had heard it, but I hurried outside to find a zombie attacking someone. With my knife in hand, I approached it and stabbed as hard and as fast as I could. Over and over, I attacked, hoping to buy the other person some time. I didn’t think I would bring it down, but at the very least I could distract it.

The survivor looked like he was part of the military, but he must be new. He seemed nervous, like he forgot his training. His tag said his name was Koret, but that was all I could see before the zombie decided I was its new target. I ducked back into the church, but not before checking to make sure that Koret was fine. He seemed capable of escaping to safety. I got behind the barricades to get to mine.

I let everyone know about the zombie outside and about Koret. The battle took a lot of energy, and with the zombie out there, my trip to the hospital will have to wait. Even though I felt impatient, it wouldn’t have been smart to try to make the trek with a zombie following me. For all I knew, the hospital would be too heavily barricaded and there wouldn’t be any buildings open to me nearby, leaving me a meal for the dead. I might not have to wait until tomorrow, though. The zombie might leave or get killed soon. Then I can go to Urban General.


~ by GBGames on October 8, 2009.

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