Investigating St. Agatho’s Hospital

I set out at once to St. Agatho’s. The news report was already stale, and I decided to find out just how bad it was. 9 zombies in one place could be handled by a small army, so I hoped that one was handy. I might be able to help heal any victims of the attack once the zombies were taken care of.

When I arrived, I was shocked to find that there were actually 11 zombies. A few survivors were doing their best to keep the ghouls at bay, but the situation looked grim. I was able to reach one of the people without attracting the attention of any zombies, applying first-aid to an open wound and injecting into my patient whatever fluid stops the possible infection. As I worked, I surveyed the area and determined that I wouldn’t be able to do anything on my own. Unless I wanted to take a huge risk, I needed to find reinforcements. The other survivors had seemed hopeful that I was to be followed by a squad of zombie hunters, but when no one else arrived, you could tell they felt the situation was hopeless.

I returned to St. Aloysius’ Church, a bit demoralized. I told Father Bell about the number of zombies I saw. “It’s not looking good.”

Some people were still on patrol. Others were setting out, Father Bell among them. I waited. The radio made a new announcement:

Admiral Zex has been GKing TRPs in Kempsterbank.

When Father Bell returned, he said, “13 of them, all inside. May the Lord protect us.”

The situation seemed more and more grim. After St. Agatho’s falls, where will the horde go next? I needed to get to Urban General Hospital and find a way to contribute in a greater capacity. For all I knew, the person I helped today was already dead. What could I have done if I wasn’t so terrified? Who could I have saved?


~ by GBGames on November 13, 2009.

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